Welcome to brian.staruk.me

My name is Brian Staruk and I am a 27 year old Web Developer at Racepoint Global in Boston, MA. I've been building websites since 1999, dynamic websites (LAMP) since 2008, and have been a professional developer since 2007.

This website, created on November 16, 2011, serves as my own little space in which I keep notes on various subjects and play around with my latest favorite toy: Wordpress.

Add Custom Post Types to Author Page in WordPress

By default, Wordpress only shows posts on the author bio page. Use this function (in the functions.php of your theme, or in a plugin) to add custom post types to the query used to return content created by authors.

Create a Symbolic Link in Ubuntu

A symbolic link is a file that serves as a shortcut (or link) to another file or directory on a disc. This is a quick how-to on creating a symbolic link in Linux via terminal or SSH.

Terminal / SSH: New Directory with Children

This is a command I use quite often for setting up new directories to be used as containers for websites. When creating these containers, I like to organize the contents by putting them into three folders: backups, logs & public.

Increase Headphone Volume on Any Rooted Android Device

One of my only gripes with stock Android is that the headphone volume levels are extremely low compared to what I’m used to on pretty much any 3rd party ROM. The good news is that increasing the headphone volume on your rooted Android device is as easy as editing one file and rebooting.