Welcome to brian.staruk.me

My name is Brian Staruk and I am a 27 year old Web Developer from Boston, MA.

This website, created on November 16, 2011, serves as my own little space in which I keep notes on various subjects and play around with my latest favorite toy: Wordpress.

PriceBTC.com Angular Rebuild

I’ve recently started playing around with Angular (and Node, and Yeoman, and Bower) and decided to redesign/rebuild PriceBTC.com to be more app-like.

Trailer Park Boys Soundboard for Android

Today a Jeffrey Scholl contacted Google on behalf of Trailer Park Boys Inc to have my soundboard removed from the Google Play Store on a DMCA Claim. So I’ll be hosting it here, instead!

jQuery Function: Add CSS Class to Visible Elements, Remove from Invisible

When this script is included on a page, a “scrolled” class will be added to any element with a “scroll” class as it comes into view, and removed as it goes out of view.

Count User Posts Including Custom Post Types in WordPress

The number returned by count_user_posts() in Wordpress does not include custom post types. If you need to get a count of user posts that does include custom post types, try this function out.

Add Custom Post Types to Author Page in WordPress

By default, Wordpress only shows posts on the author bio page. Use this function (in the functions.php of your theme, or in a plugin) to add custom post types to the query used to return content created by authors.

Add Existing User to Existing Group in Ubuntu

How to add an existing user to an existing group in Ubuntu.

Install Ruby & Compass on Ubuntu 14.04

A set of commands for use in terminal to install Ruby, then Compass on Ubuntu 14.04.

Create a Symbolic Link in Ubuntu

A symbolic link is a file that serves as a shortcut (or link) to another file or directory on a disc. This is a quick how-to on creating a symbolic link in Linux via terminal or SSH.

Clone Git Repo to Directory via SSH or Terminal

A quick how-to on cloning a git repository that you have SSH access to, onto the server that you are currently SSH’d into (or your local terminal).

Windows: Installing Ruby with Sass, Compass and Zurb Foundation (Optional)

A short guide on how to get your Windows machine setup to compile Sass from the command line with Ruby & Compass. We’ll be using Zurb Foundation as an example starting project.